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Pirsumit is the # 1 choice for English advertising in Yerushalayim!

In the last two decades, tens of thousands of Americans, Britons, and other native English speakers have chosen to make Yerushalayim their home, brining their cultures—and language—along with them. This has resulted in the amusing phenomenon that the predominant language in several popular neighborhoods in Yerushalayim is actually English! 

How we started:

In the early 2000s, small clusters of English-speaking Torah families began moving into Yerushalayim’s picturesque Ramat Eshkol neighborhood, and before long the scenery in the once-secular Ramat Eshkol neighborhood rapidly turned frum. Since many of the local English speakers were straight off the boat and hardly spoke a word of English, it quickly became obvious that there was a conspicuous lack of a high-level English publication that met the informational, shopping, and advertising needs of the local

Anglo community.

A group of ambitious young Kollel wives rose to the challenge, and Pirsumit’s first issue was published in December 2003, Kislev 5763 .

Pirsumit assembles important information, practical knowledge and useful advertisements into an attractive leaflet that is distributed on a weekly basis among Yerushalayim neighborhoods with large concentrations of English speakers. The circular features a wide variety of advertisements, fascinating reading material for all age levels, and important community-level information.

With the continual expansion of the Anglo Torah community in Yerushalayim, people who’d seen the Pirsumit in Ramat Eshkol requested to receive copies to their neighborhoods, as well, encouraging us to double and triple our distribution.

At present, we boast a weekly distribution of close to 14,000 copies in Yerushalayim alone! First disseminated an on experimental level in Ramat Eshkol, the Pirsumit now delivers weekly leaflets to Arzei Habira ,Ma’alot Dafna, Sanhedria, Sanhedria Hamurchevet, Gush 80, Ezrat Torah, Minchat Yitzchak, Ganei Geula, Tchelet Mordechai, Sorotzkin, Panim Meirot, Romema, Kiryat Belz, Schneller and Har Nof.

In additional, there are supplementary drop-off locations in Gush 80, Neve Tzvi, Sarei Yisrael, Sanhedria, Rechavia/Sha’arei Chesed, Neve yaakov, Ramat Shlomo, and Ramat Eshkol.

Open the Pirsumit, and you’ll find almost anything you need at a glance: Car rentals, currency exchanges, real estate firms, exercise studios, hair and sheitel salons, cosmetic studios, shiurei Torah, college-level and vocational courses, activities for kids, clothing sales, and much more. The circular features a popular Classifieds section with headings ranging from real estate purchase and rentals, to Wanted ads, job search, professional ads, and a lost-and-found section. Pirsumit is reader-friendly and written in clear font that can be easily read by Anglos and Israelis alike, even if their English is not up to par.

At Pirsumit, every advertiser and reader counts! Our goal is to reach as many English speakers as
possible and make life in Israel a smooth, pleasant and comfortable experience. We pride ourselves on
quality, integrity, and friendly, warm, American-style service.
Check out the Pirsumit!

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